''MyCloudFulfillment ขายของง่ายไม่ต้องแตะสต๊อก''

''MyCloudFulfillment ขายของง่ายไม่ต้องแตะสต๊อก''

''MyCloudFulfillment ขายของง่ายไม่ต้องแตะสต๊อก''


MyCloudFulfillment is the one-stop supply chain management solution for e-commerce and omni-channel businesses. Our order fulfillment service provides storing, packing, shipping service for your shops. Our professionals can help you manage your multi sales channel with multi procedures with ease. At MyCloud Warehouse, we have a fully secured and dustfree storage space that can keep your items in good shape Our missions is to help you find the most efficient way to operate while achieving sustainable growth. Starting is easy! just send your stock to our warehouse, when you have orders ready to be delivered, just send the order through our system and we will handle the rest.

1 Keep your stock at our warehouse
2You or your agents make delivery order online
3 We will pick/QC/pack and ship for you


  • Bad SKUs management, bad storage system
  • Not knowing the real quantity
  • Not enough space of storage
  • Picking wrong items, wrong amount, wrong order
  • Packing is not fast enough, too many orders
  • Wasting times on human management
  • Bad delivery and return management, late delivery
  • Too many sales channel, can’t manage any of them well
  • Tracking no. and customer service problems
  • Preorder, Reservation problems



Storage Service

  • - Precisely store inventory items per SKU- per location
  • - Our warehouse is highly secured 24/7 with CCTV and security, and well insured
  • - Professional system and process, precise stocks, no lost & unfound
  • - Your stocks are stored in our closed warehouse, dust-free, room temperature
  • - High standard storage, no need investment, pay-per-use/month
  • - Conveniently check your stock online, real-time
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Pick/QC/Pack Service

  • - You make delivery order through the system, then we handle pick/pack in your place with no failure, your staffs are lifted, your errors are gone
  • - We pack according to your instructions and complying with your sales channel procedures
  • - We quality inspect and pack your product with care according to your specification; your packages will be in good shape
  • - We can help fulfill your orders, from big to small, from onground to online channels. No matter how swing your orders are, you only pay per real usage each month
  • - Make orders and Check their status, anywhere, anytime online
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Shipping Service

  • - We handle shipping, delivery process and documentations for each of your specific sales channel
  • - Choose from multiple shipping options, depending on your preferred price/speed (for ex: All Thaipostal services, Kerry COD, Messenger services, Local 3PL and etc.)
  • - No more traveling/ queuing/ tracking no. hassles
  • - Discounted shipping fees from several last miles provider, easy payment at the end of the month.
  • - Check your past deliveries information easily through our online report
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1st Place at Startup Thailand Grand Pitching Challenge 2017 [National]

1st Place at Startup Thailand Pitching Challenge 2017 [Bangkok]

Nation Innovation Awards 2017

“Startup Voucher” by Software Park 2017

“Best SMEs Startup Award” granted by PM at SMEs
Startup awards 2017