MyCloud, your best choice to shift your selling and marketing in supply chain for better and more competitive in specific
service only for your business in an affordable price.


In order to be success in business today, we cannot deny that it depends on how you can adapt and adjust your business to
reach the changeable demand of customers. In the digital era, everything is online. The way of shopping is not the same.
Customers tend to shop online more since it is more convenience for them, just click and get things right at the front door.
This online selling service is significant. The stores that have this service will be able to grow their market share and reach the
new group of customers.

MyCloud was inspired by the conception “Makes everyone sells and manages in the easiest way”. MyCloud services you to
manage all your distribution channels more effectively. At MyCloud, we are not only your one-step-solution, but also
compared as your agent who supports in negotiating and solving all the problems from your customers with a modern and
effective service. And we manage the delivery to be most worthy and appropriate. Neither sizes are your business, we promise
you a partner along the way to your dream.

Our founders have a strength in Logistic and Supply Chain Management with more than 30-year experience. In 1986,
we established a small company named “Freight Forwarder”. Now the company has been raising to be a comprehensive
logistic company group in SEA which operate in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Moreover,
we operate 6 cargos which have approximately 56,000 square meter total area located at Suvarnabhumi region.

Besides, our management team are from a startup company www.makemygems.com service online shop without stocking
system by JIT (Just In Time Management). We intensely experienced in online marketing, retail channel management and
distribution and distributor management. We operate consignment for brewery and restaurant business.
At MyCloud, we adhere your problems and needs are the most important objects we need to respond. With our flexible work
truly produces the actual and suitable service for your business of your dream.


" We are in the same team as your personal assistant "

We want our customer focus only the selling process because
it is the most important part and the rest we will do it for
you from the produce process until delivery to your customer.
We are in the same team as your personal assistant.

If there any problem that you cannot solve please tell us.
We are willing to do and help you as much as we can because
it was the things that we want to do most.

Nithi Satchatippavarn

คุณนิธิ สัจจทิพวรรณ


Trit Tantasathien

คุณธฤษ ตัณฑเสถียร


" From now on your shop will automatically sell the merchandise "

Imagine how well that you can work very hard and no need to worry
about the stock of your merchandise. From now on your shop will
automatically sell themerchandise with the system that can manage
your merchandise and especially design from your need. Hence,
you can easily sell your merchandise anywhereand anytime just tell us
via mobile phone.

" We believe that every customer is not the person to
buy our services but long term partner with us "

When our customer’s business has grown up so do we. So, we always
concern of customer care. Moreover, we put customer need in the center
and adapt the service to follow customer need. Therefore, customer
centric is core of logistics Omni-channel management.

Veera Satchatippavarn

คุณวีระ สัจจทิพวรรณ




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