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Fulfillment services for supplement product businesses

Fulfillment store pack ship, for supplement product businesses

We understand that the supplement business has a sales model and needs of storage different from other products. For supplementary food, special care and attention must be concerned due to it’s the product that is consumed into the body. Therefore, problems we most found in the supplement business is about the way to store the product. The problems and needs of the owner of supplementary food are something we have never neglected and constantly develop to meet your needs as much as we can.




Insufficient and unsuitable storage place because the supplementary products must be stored in a dry and cool place to prevent moisture.

Extraneous materials, animals, or insects that may contaminate the product that is not properly sealed. It makes the product incomplete.
expiry date

Management before-after expiry date of the product in stock systematically is required since the expiry date is very important for supplements products that are consumed.
In-house problems

In-house problems of selling supplement products such as counting and checking products from the factory, packing and delivering always happen.

Our services

MyCloudFulfillment MyCloudFulfillment was more than a warehouse provider. We are flexible and ready to meet all the needs of customers that vary in each type, whether B2B or B2C customers. No matter how difficult your project is, just tell us what you want. We are ready to manage it for you.


We check every box of products in the inbound process to help you count stock by 100%
For supplement products, the most important thing is about Lot and products’ expiration date. For this point, we have the product inspection service from the step of getting the products into the warehouse, we keep separately by expiration date (before-after). Moreover, Our system records information of the Lot and expiration date so you can check your stock through our online system anytime and anywhere.
Standard QC
We check the weight, number and condition of packaging and product quality before storing in stock. To maintain the best interests of customers whether the box is dented or broken from transportation.
Store in closed warehouse storage; no dust and proper temperature
The proper warehouse is ready to store your products. There are 24-hour security guards with surveillance cameras on every shelf. Besides, we have insurance in case the stored products are lost or damaged.


Store separately by expiration date
You can be confident that the products will be used in FIFO (First-In First-Out) or FEFO (First-Expired-First-Out) for reducing deterioration and maintaining the best quality of products.
Shrink Wrapping
Before storage, shrink wrapping is an added value that is suitable for food supplement products. It makes the product look new, prevents dust and makes it more beautiful. Besides, set-up shrink and also help to save on picking costs and easy to key orders as well.
Storage at the proper temperature(24 c) in temperature controlled room 24-hours
Supplement products must be stored in a dry and cool place with the least humidity because it will reduce the quality and age of the products. Therefore, you can be confident that your products will be stored at the proper temperature and safely. Even supplements that do not need to be stored in a temperature controlled room, it can also be stored in a normal place that is well ventilated.
Helps you to check the amount of accurate stock
Accurate real-time monitoring of the stock, it allows you to calculate the number of products in a warehouse. Moreover, you can know the trends of the most ordered products, or the least ordered products to further promote sales.


Make the products into a set by shrink wrapping before packing
When you know the amount of stock and want to do a promotion to promote sales, you can create basket size, such as buy 2 get 1 or buy 4 get 2.
Create various set as you want
If you have various ideas to create a set, you can let us try it first, then take a photo for you to consider. Including being able to choose the box size and wrapping equipment by yourself to control the cost of service fee and transportation.
Assure that we have strict inspections in every step especially the pack
Your customers will never receive a damaged or incomplete product. We check the number and quality of the product thoroughly to match the order before packing by recording the working process through CCTV cameras in every table to pack the product.
Helps to organize the product projects on special occasions
For volume projects that need to be done during the festival or special occasions, including creating a set for home shopping or other online and offline channels. We can create the basket size and special packing. Besides, you can customize for what you actually want.


Shipping both retail and as required
We pay attention to product quality before shipping to the customer. You can inform us of specific requirements for each order. For example, If having to send to trade clients you can choose to deliver products that have expiration at least 12 months.
A variety of shipping services are provided
To suit your products and the most saving cost with our flexible services including COD application. You will be charged the actual cost, no extra charge.
Product refill service in the mall or various consignment stores
Help you count the stock in the store including printing a tax invoice, allowing the store staff to sign and bringing the documents back to you every week. Moreover, we manage the delivery route and the complete drop-off point. Aside from that, the product refill service is also available on request with a photograph of the filled shelf to be sent in a daily.
Deliver the product to distribution centre
We help you make an appointment with DC, inform the store and delivery code, manage GIC documents, weigh and attach the information on the side box, print the tax invoice for the stamp, and bring the copy back to you every week. All of this, we manage to finish delivering routes and drop points by service charge start at 100 baht per box.
International shipping services
Looking for the best and save cost choice for international shipping through our trusted transportation network, you can contact our staff to look after you in each case, with a 10% service charge.

Sets promotions

for supplement products

  • shrink wrapping for supplement product to increase product value, prevent dust and makes the product more beautiful
  • creating promotion set to promote sales in omni-channel
  • Creating a bundle set to facilitate storing and shipping process and save picking cost

distributor management system

for supplement product business

  • Distributor report, helping you to collect important data of each distributors
  • Delivery the product on behalf of distributor
  • Excellent storing process, knowing the amount of accurate stock, and no more missed sell opportunity

Sending products to distribution Centre

for supplement product business

  • One stock to all channel for omni-channel business, helping you save the cost
  • setting up a booth with flexible places and time for supplement product business that want to join in any event
  • filling products in front-store or branches for supplement product business


for supplement product



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