FULFILLMENT บริการคลังสินค้าออนไลน์ "เก็บ แพ็ค ส่ง"




MyCloudFulfillment helps you sell online without having to worry about the stock. The process of product receipt into MyCloud warehouse is very effortless, since you can just inform us about the products (details, codes, and quantity) one day before moving the products into the warehouse, so we can prepare proper space for those new products. Moreover, no need to come in person for the inbound process as the products can be sent directly to our warehouse by Thai post or any logistic companies. As soon as the products arrive, we will check it both in quality and quantity without charge.

There are several value added services such as OCPB Label adding, Barcode adding, Repacking, and QC the products to provide consumers with an incentive to make more purchases as well as creating new SKU product sets to save picking and storing costs. 


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