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Know your target market before shooting Advertisement!


Know your target market before shooting Advertisement!

Identifying the target customer

              Have you ever wondered how we target Ads?, how we choose a group of customers to meet those goals that we want to convey? Each Ad has different targets so the more you scope the ad’s target, the more your ad reaches your customers efficiently. Besides, it helps you don’t leak your money and increases the closing of the deal as well. Therefore, let’s get to know the customer more for scoping and targeting the ad. 

              For new products or services, you must know an Early adopter and find opportunities to reach them. Due to if they know us, use our products or services it means we started the right way to become famous. First of all, we must understand that each group of customers may accept or open their minds to try our products and services at different times. Since we will use this characteristic as a basis which the customers can be divided into 5 characteristics as follows:

1. Innovators

              The innovators are the first group of people to invest in your product; the number of people in this stage is around 2.5%. Most of them are people who like challenges, always looking for new things and taking risks. These people tend to have a high income and they think that they can change or start something new. 

2. Early Adopter

              Early Adopters is around 13.5%. These people are well-known or famous in society and they can see the advantage of using those products or services. They are up-to-date and they are able to attract or influence other people's ideas as well.

3. Early Majority

              The people in the early majority are usually pragmatic and will only buy something that they have proven its value; they will not decide according to the mood. Early Majority is around 34%.

4. Late Majority

              Late Majority is around 34% as well, they are groups that are skeptical and unsure about new products and services, whether they are useful or not. Moreover, They spend quite a lot of time to decide to buy or use the service because they have waited for the product to be used widespreadly and the product’s review.

5. Laggards

              16% of your product adoption will come from laggards. These are the people who buy your product after all the hype has died down. Sometimes, laggards purchase a product years after it’s been released. Also, this group of people may not have enough resources to buy trendy products or they are not interested in new technology and may even resist change.

              If you understand all customer characteristics, you can adapt to shooting ads and marketing strategies appropriately. The first two groups of customers that you should consider when you launch a new campaign are Early adopters and Early Majority even if they are not the first group of people who buy your products but Early adopters will recommend and influence other people's ideas about goods or services that are effective and worth.

              Specifying the goals and directions of the promotion that will be designed to match the target customer the most by using STP which consists of 3 steps as follows:

1. Segmentation

              Dividing the market segment to be smaller by categorize your customers into groups of people with common characteristics and need such as sex, career, income, lifestyle or purchase behavior.


              Choosing the target customer which group is probably our main customer from segmentation for marketing planning and effective presenting to the customer by 3 main methods as follows:

              -Mass Market: selecting groups that are not very specific, such as male customer group

              -Segment Market: selecting sub-target groups come out from doing segmentation, such as male customers who like to dress up

              -Niche Market: selecting the most specific markets, such as male customers who like to dress street style and listening to hip hop music


                Specify the position of products and services in the market that want customers to see the brand in which position. The most important thing is the product standpoint must  be unique and different from other brands.

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