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Work from Home has more advantages than you think!

work from home benefits eng

Work from Home has more advantages than you think!

           Is working at home as effective as working at a company? Are employees responsible enough? This is a question that many companies still doubt and not sure because Thai people are used to working at the company or have to meet each other every day. On the other hand, research from many world-class organizations confirmed that working at home makes work more effective than or equivalent to working at the office. In addition, it’s good for working, employees and the company as well.

          In some countries have had a Work at Home scheme for a while, and I have recommended tools that can be used to facilitate teleworking in Tools Recommended and guidelines for Work from Home For today, we will find about advantages, and disadvantages of working from home together!

1.  Increase Work Efficiency

"When employees are happier resulting in increased work efficiency " Of course, waking up early to work in the morning will reduce work efficiency. Especially, employees have to encounter problems on the way to work. Some people take 1-2 hours a day to go to the office and have to wake up earlier than usual. So, work from home can reduce these problems and have more time to focus on work. In addition to the work that will be effective, employees have time to find more inspiration for work as well because you don't have to be stuffy in the company; this point can also affect the work that requires thought.

2. Reducing Management Costs and Increasing Opportunities for the Company

Most companies that have a work from home policy can reduce resources in their offices whether it is equipment work, electricity, water, internet, as well as sometimes having to go to other places that may have fuel cost, transport costs, etc. So, if working at home, these expenses will be the duty of the employees instead that allows the company to reduce costs. Moreover, American Economic Review shows that employees tend to reduce their salaries by 8% if they can work at home. Moreover, new generations are more likely to use technology to work. Therefore, they tend to choose companies that are highly flexible that gives the opportunity to the company to get a new generation of enthusiastic employees to work with.

3. Work-Life Balance Better

Employees can manage work-life balance better because working 10 hours a day makes the time disappear quite enough and every employee has a responsibility to do at home, so working at home or working from anywhere can give employees more time to manage their own life. Therefore, they can manage their time and can rest the eyes from the screen for a moment. It also results in the long-term that can keep employees working with the organization for longer as well.

4. Defuse Tension

The working atmosphere at the office has the advantages of motivation for employees to be alert to work at all times, but causing pressure and tension as well. Accordingly, working at home will help reduce stress; all of the above have affected the work and the relationships of people in the company directly. However, if working from home makes employees highly satisfied, the work efficiency will also be high.

5. Preventing the Spread of Diseases

This is the most obvious advantage at this time because the COVID-19 epidemic has not only affected the health of employees but also affects the mind as well. If employees are worried that coming to work must take a risk of disease that makes employees feel unhappy and does not concentrate on work. So, working at home can help reduce the incidence of disease among people in the organization as well.

           However, not only working at home will have advantages but also have disadvantages; since the main disadvantage is flexibility. If employees are lax and not being alert to work, so determining the time to work is very important when working at home. Even though I try to separate work and personal time, when the environment is home, it may not be as effective as it could be.

           In the workplace, there is a matter of the working style of each organization and each department in the organization is also involved. Therefore, should not change the style of working abruptly otherwise it may cause a disadvantage for work. Well, should gradually start in some areas that you think you can do like try to work for 3 days at home and come to the office to talk or 2 days per week for an update meeting to measure whether work from home is right or not for your company.

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