Once you have stored the item at our house You can easily order products. Online Just a key
order before 8 am. We will deliver the goods within that day. Rest assured that before every
shipment of your product, we have a thorough inspection process. Your customers will
never get damaged or incomplete items. We will check the number and quality of
the product thoroughly as you specify before packing. And checking the name, address
of the recipient of the product In order to avoid mistakes Moreover You can check
the preparation and delivery status of each order through the system anytime, anywhere.

Standard Packing

Providing product packing according to
the size of the product with the package
according to the standard of the postage
As appropriate for your product In addition,
we can pack with cushioning, cushioning paper
and marketing materials as needed. Service
fee starts at 15 baht

Special Packing

Can packing products according to special
packaging As you want it to be Pack according
to the steps you define. Even if there are
any complicated steps, such as cutting
the product thread, wearing a special cushioning
device, wiping clean before delivery, etc.
Service fee starts at 15 baht.

Value Adding

My Cloud can increase your product value
to look better or Add parts (assemble)
before sending, such as ironing, writing text,
adding to the product box Bow tie, fold box
Stick the label on the product Assembling
the product before sending, cracking, wrapping
and catching the product set and others.
Service fee starts at 15 baht.



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