You can choose from a variety of delivery channels. When we finish placing orders for you
We will deliver according to the way you choose to order us in each order. Within the same day
After we deliver, we will update the tracking number in the afternoon. We can send via email or
mobile message to the destination customer. If you choose to fill in the storefront You can
order us one week in advance. Each place requires us to send.And we will arrange the route for you So you can save the most.

If you have never sent with any channels, MyCloud can help you get started easily without
having to search for a method or if you have a special channel you want. We will help you find
and start a new channel for you. All of this you can browse through the system for details of
each order. From the past to the present easily.

EMS / Registered Mails

We handle the pack and inspect the product
before sending it to the post office for you.
After sending We will send tracking number
to your customer immediately. On the same day.
We can send tracking number to the end
customer via email or phone number.
Actual charge.

Kerry / DHL and other Couriers

We handle the pack and inspect the product
before sending it to the courier's shop
that you want.After sending We will send
tracking number to your customer immediately.
On the same day, we can send tracking number
to the destination customer via email or
phone number. Service fee actual charge.

Messenger / Truck Services

You can call Motorbikes or pickup trucks
to use to deliver products according to
your needs. Just tell us one day in advance.
We will arrange the shipment according
to your order. Can ship Many points at
the same time in one round, charge according
to our delivery area table

Consignment Stores

We help you fill in products in stores or
branches, such as B2S, Btrend, Zeenzone,
Loft and others, and help count the store's
front page for you. We will help you print
out tax invoices, let the shop staff sign up
and count the products. And bring the document
back to you every week All of this, we arrange
the route. Complete delivery and drop points
for you In addition, we also help you arrange
the products and arrange the shelves to sell
as you want. Ready to take photos as evidence
to send to you every
Charge according to our delivery area table.

Send to Department store

We help you to plan your car to fill
in the store's branches to get to the time
of the opening. Specific to each department.
You just ordered us to come through the system.
We will manage for you all. Charge according
to the area of ​​our delivery.

Distribution Centre

We help you make an appointment with DC,
inform the shop code and receive the
delivery code, manage the GIC slip,
weigh and paste the box, print the tax
invoice for the stamp, return the copy
to you every week All of this, we manage
to place the delivery route and drop point
for you. Start we think Service charge
at 100 baht per box.

Online Marketplace Shipping

If you sell products through various sales channels
(lazada / shoppee / JD.CO.TH / amazon / ebay / etc.),
we can follow Steps of that channel

For example, we help you to manage the lazada
seller center with a print order, box,
paste the order on the box, and submit
the DO (delivery order) to the shipping
channel. We charge 10% administration fee.

Booth/ Event

When you want to open a sales booth Just
tell us in advance, one week We will handle
it for you. Just keep the booth equipment
with us. We can help set up your booth with
product placement as needed. Come back on
the day you finished selling. All you have
to do is just sell and deduct from our stock.

Sales Agents/ Dropship

If you or your customers want to pick up
the goods at our house.Also as well.
We will help you to check orders,
receivers and Can let you go.

Cross-Border/ 3PL

We help you find the best, cheapest
option for shipping to your desired
country. Through the transportation
network that we trust You can contact
our staff to take care of you in each
case. 10% administrative fee.



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