What does SKIN SYRUP start from?

At present, the pollution is quite large. And chemicals
around We are quite a lot. Whether it is in the products
used or whether food We should avoid using chemicals
in what we use most.

คุณพรรธกา ขันติธรรมมากร
Sale and marketing SKIN SYRUP :

"SKIN SYRUP is a body care and hair care product.
Starting with the desire to avoid the chemicals of daily life,
consult with Father, which Father is a traditional
Thai medicine in the pharmacy. Will specialize in herbal
products and natural extracts Starting with the development
of formulas to use among themselves."

คุณณิชา ตุวยานนท์ |
Design and Branding SKIN SYRUP :

"When we tried both the skin and the hair, it became better.
Fit up so I want others to try. By having friends try
Updated the formula until we talked about how we have
to do SKIN SYRUP "

คุณพรรธกา ขันติธรรมมากร |
Sale and marketing SKIN SYRUP :

"In each production, I must select the best ingredients
and raw materials and meet the standards we have planned."

คุณณิชา ตุวยานนท์ |
Design and Branding SKIN SYRUP :

"When we have more customers to start to become popular,
we want to reduce time and resources. And about shipping
with the warehouse, it is important for online sales We find
out who will be an expert in this field. "

What is MyCloudFulfillment?

คุณนิธิ สัจจทิพวรรณ |
CEO My Cloud Fulfillment :

"We are a warehouse for online stores. The main thing is
that the online sales person will take the goods to store
at our warehouse when he has the order and can sell.
We will have a management system for him to be able to
order the goods. And send the goods according to the way
that he sells Is like the main warehouse The only one
that can be forwarded to all sales channels for him.
We used to do jewelry for the year 2014 and it is quite
a good sell. But we found that we didn't pack the shipment
and it was the point that we wasted so much time that
we didn't have time to do marketing. And this one, so it's
a formula created for us to come to MY CLOUD today, starting
from where we do our own Forward to friends for free. Up until now,
it has become a serious service."

MyCloudFulfillment Which part has helped to help the Skin Syrup?

คุณพรรธกา ขันติธรรมมากร
Sale and marketing SKIN SYRUP :

"What we compare We compare from the fact that if we have an in-house and use an outsource that is a professional,
having an in-house like Mr. Jib says about the resources and time we have to train It is quite time consuming.
But in return, if we use the services of MY CLOUD, he has expertise, so his staff will train with his system.
It will make everything easier. And make the actual use it the most effective "

คุณนิธิ สัจจทิพวรรณ |
CEO My Cloud Fulfillment :

"Since we may now be just a warehouse for Thailand first Next, it is easier to be a warehouse that helps
him to sell abroad. And in the future what we want to be is We want to be a Smart Warehouse. Actually,
in addition to just sending packets We have to collect customer data. Guess the direction for him
How much should he produce? How much stock is stored? These data that we keep every day Will come as
a benefit to the shop The more you use, the more you will get to know the shop. Will be able to do more
and more optimization. "

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