Inventory Management

“ We can help manage your orders and products. With inventory management system Update the status of products in each order process. What status you are in, Pick / Pack / Ship etc. You can check your stock in Real Time via your smartphone or tablet.”

Inventory Management or inventory management
Is to take care of the quantity, variety, price and location of products that are ready for use in the business And if there is any product in stock Will count as part of the inventory.

Software for Inventory Management
When your business begins to grow Will make the inventory management more difficult to avoid especially If you sell products online Which your customers expect to see the status of the product ready to use or ready to be delivered and the status of the product in each purchase process Which is fortunate to have many inventory management tools on the market today That is integrated with an e-commerce website And can help you check your supply chain

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We can API with Last mile courier, both Thai post, Kerry Alpha DHL.
(Logistics/ERP/Market Place/ Website/Payment)

API By MyCloudFulfillment
API (Application Programming Interface) “Is a way to connect one channel That will connect to the website of the API service provider from another location as an intermediary that allows the application to connect to other applications Or working with operating systems such as APIs, sales channels of various customers, whether Lazada, Shopee, or your website Connect with the MyCloud Systems system to exchange information on all sales channels. And update the stock of products in real-time, order management etc. which we can help you manage”

The functionality of the MyCloud API has 2 parts.

1. Automatically extract orders from various channels into MyCloud system.
2. Update stock to be rumored To other channels automatically

API Market Place gathers every order in one place, whether Lazada Shopee, etc. Update stock matches every Market Place in Real-Time, connect with Seller Center and automatically press Ready to ship, you will not miss important orders and increase sales opportunities as well.

API Logistics/Last miles : Postal, SCG Express, Alpha

API CMS : Woo Commerce, Magento

API ERP connected to the ERP system of your company so that the flow of your company is not interrupted. And save more time

API Website Manage orders from your website. To deliver products to the end customers without interruption

Benefits of API to send and receive data across the server
2.No need to access the main page. There is information of the main website. From the web that pulls the API API divided into
- Language-dependent API (language-dependent API) Is an API that can be called from a program written in only one language
- Non-language API (language-independent API) Is an API that can be called from many languages

Promotion Automation

Can help you to create promotions immediately Without having to worry about missing. Such as adding free items when buying or promoting a new product Which goes along with the various products purchased Redeeming premium products When shopping according to the conditions We can help you manage

Virtual Bundling
When you have 500 orders, automatically get free stuff.

Bundling Products
When purchasing items 1 and 2, will automatically include 3 free items.

Basic Sales Automation

Basic promotion We can help you, just send a link or QR Code. For example, E-Catalog makes your sales easier. The destination customers can send orders to the MyCloud system. You do not need to have a website.

Order Management
Creating product preemption For the endurance of the sale To be able to order automatically

Sub-Stock Management (Booth)
Create temporary stock For sales activities such as booths for sellers to be able to cut stock easily in front

Report & Recommendation

the data that can be exported from the MyCloud system, which customers can use to plan sales or continue marketing We collect information such as name-surname, address, telephone number, email, product purchased, product value, time of purchase which the system "MyCloud Systems" Can report all and can also export to Excel. You can access the information you need anywhere, anytime.

Recommendatation In addition to having a report, you can recommend Bestseller To help you determine the direction of the market or Calculate the production order for sale, such as red shoes, size 38 at the north, sell well, etc.



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