Start using the service with us by keeping the items in our closed warehouse That is
in the office free of dust and not hot We have staff to maintain 24 hour security
per day with CCTV throughout every shelf You are therefore confident that your products
will be preserved. As well, we also have insurance products if lost or damaged as well.

We store products according to SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) that are divided by model, color,
size, size. Ready to control every entry and exit with WMS (Warehouse Management System)
that will help you in planning product quantity management. And does not cause the shop to
lose the opportunity to sell more (buffer stock / lead time management)

Standard Storage

Store products on the basic shelves,
width 50cm, length 100cm and height 200cm
(1 cubicmetre),Per cubic meter, weighing 300 kg,
suitable for products such as clothing,
shoes, bags, etc.

Coldroom Storage

Store products in air-conditioned rooms.
The temperature is 24 Celsius all the time,
24 hours every day. Per cubic meter,
weighing 300 kg,

for example, suitable products such as cosmetics,
supplements, electronics etc.



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